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Institutional Best Practices:

Hindu College, Guntur initiated innovative Best Practices for the academic year 2018-19. Previously college practiced two Best Practices 1. Civic / Community Management 2.“Promotion of Research” Culture in the campus. Modifying the ideas of previous best practices, herewith IQAC proposed two innovative institutional Best Practices.

Best Practice – I

Title of the Practice:  "Enhance Research Ambiance in the College"

1. Collaborative Research:


Collaborative Research is good practice to share research ideas and figure out constructive and innovative contributions in interdisciplinary studies.


The various departments, Units and staff of the institution interact with each other in undertaking interdisciplinary research in collaboration with theeminent faculty of AcharyaNagarjuna University and other universities. For example, Dr. S.V.S.Girija jointly with Prof. (Retd) A.V. DattatreyaRao. Dr. S.V.S. Girija is nominated as Editor and reviewers for reputed international journals like Elsevier group of journals. Dr. S.V.S. Girija, Associate Professor of Mathematics is acting as Co-Guide to Research Scholars of Departmentof Statistics, Acharya Nagarjuna University who are pursuing their research under the guidance of Dr. A.V. Dattatreya Rao, Prof (Retd) of Statistics, Acharya Nagarjuna University. Research scholars take guidance in Mathematical concepts and in developing program code in MATLAB from Dr. S.V.S. Girija.

2. Research Oriented Student Projects:


Project work is included in CBCS curriculum for degree students of Mathematics implemented by Acharya Nagarjuna University. Hindu College, Guntur is affiliated to  Acharya Nagarjuna University and final degree students opted Mathematics cluster in which Project is one of the three papers. To inculcate research orientation in Mathematics students Department of Mathematics has taken measures by assigning survey of literature related to subjects in Mathematics Cluster.


Our students opted Cluster that includes Integral Transforms and Advanced Numerical Analysis Both topics have wide applications in scientific fields. Students are assigned to search research publications related to applications of Integral Transforms in various fields and also appilications of Numerical methods in solving Differential Equations.


With great commitment, students collected publications in electrical engineering, Physics etc. After studying and conducting seminars on publications , students prepared dissertation for project work. They submitted projects titled





Department of Geology conducted field trips to improve and apply their knowledge in fields. Different project works are assigned to students on different topic to improve research skills in students based on their field trips.


Best Practice – II

Title of the Best Practice:  "Organizing Department Specific Fest"

Objective: IQAC, Hindu College, Guntur resolved to identify departments to conduct students fest every year. Departments of Botany and Commerce are identified to conduct students fest with a motto to inculcate the habit of participation in competitions which lead to success.


1. Department of Botany organized Inter Collegiate Botany Quest on 21-12-2018 inviting students of all colleges of Guntur District. Various competitions such as Quiz, Elocution, Essay Writing, Spot Painting events were conducted and prizes were given to the winners. Sri Yesuratnam, Ex Mayor and Lecturer in Zoology (Retd) was the chief guest. 200 students from 20 colleges participated in event. Cash Prizes are given away to winners by chief guest.

2. Department of Commerce organized Inter Collegiate Commerce Quest – 2018-19 for Commerce students (Intermediate) of Guntur District on 05-01-2019. Various competitions such as Quiz, Elocution, Essay Writing, Spot Painting events were conducted and prizes were given to the winners.

                 Sri S.V.S. Somayaji,  President,, Sri Ch. Ramakrishna Murthy, Secretary and Correspondent graced the occasion and Sri G. Sivaramakrishna Prasad, President, HCHS Council was the Chief Guest of the Inaugural Function.

                120 students from 15 colleges have participated in the competitions. Students from 15 colleges gained knowledge and know about the gathering and interacted with each other.



1. Identified the talent of the students.

2. Students got the competitive spirit.

3. Students observed the other participants and acquired the knowledge.

4. Our students (volunteers) acquired the organising abilities.


Hindu College Literary Association, AKSHARA conducted distinct innovative student centric activities during 2018-19. The activities are as follows

1. International Mother Language Day was conducted on 21-02-2019.

2. Students are made to participate in one day workshop on Vedic Mathematics.

3. Gurupoornima was celebrated on 27-07-2018

4. Hindi Day was celebrated on 14-09-2018

5. Sanskrit Day function was conducted on 07-09-2018


Along with these institutional Best Practices, various departments initiated to adopt best practices. The details of the best practices of respective departments are furnished here under

1. Department of Botany                    -      Exhibition of Medicinal Plants

2. Department of Commerce               -     Commerce Day, Flash Mob, Commerce Quest

3. Department of  English                   -     Audio Visual Charts with musical instruments

3. Department of  Geology                  -     Research oriented Students Projects

4. Department of Mathematics            -     Research Contribution

5. Department of Zoology                   -     Aquarium preparation and maintenance by students

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